[H] <Reported> Recruiting!

We started as a smaller group of like-minded individuals in a much larger guild. We have played together a lot and are one of the most active groups you will ever find. We decided to break off because we had a different vision for ourselves.

Our vision is calm, not chaos. We are on every night helping to run dungeons and getting our guildies their pre raid bis. Our loot system is simply the best possible way to ensure the raid team as a whole is going to get further, faster and with everyone knowing upfront when and where loot is going. We can promise our leadership is knowledgeable and will always keep a level head. Your concerns and input that involves the guild in anyway will always be heard, considered and discussed. This is your guild too, not just ours.

As for the name, when we broke off we started as which, unfortunately, lasted about 8 hours. The name was reported as inappropriate!! We thought reported was the best fit for us and liked how the guild now has a story behind it!

Recruitment is in full swing! Raids are tues/wed 630pm server time. I will update this as we get more to be specific on our recruitment needs but right now, we are 15 core raiders and we need a little bit of everything still! We were easily 10/10 and 1/1 previously, we pug it that way as well currently, we just need the #s to do it ourselves as a fully guilded group.

Reported’s Discord Server: discord.gg/DXD6Qda
Feel free to jump in and come talk to us or DM Oldkanye or Whisskey directly in game! Thanks!!