[H] Remnant 5/8M DPS Recruitment

Hello everyone,

I am Arcangel, a Resto Druid and the Raid Leader of Remnant-Khadgar/Alleria. We are a group of friends and people who enjoy doing the hardest PvE content WoW has to offer.

Remnant has been around since the dawning of the game back in Vanilla. Since then, and through a few iterations of the guild, we have been raiding and pushing Mythic content, while also enjoying and having a good time. We aren’t the most serious group of people and are fairly laid-back, but we also know when to focus and get down to business.

We are currently 5/8M EP.

We are currently looking for 2-3 people to help fill out the team. If you are interested in chatting/testing the waters, we are currently in need of 2-3 DPS; Ret Paladin/Rogue/DK, any ranged class. Other classes/specs are always considered though!

Currently, we raid Tuesdays from 8-11pm EST and Sundays from 7-11pm EST

Please contact myself (Arcangel), or add me on Bnet (arcangel#1718)