[H]<Rehab> is recruiting!

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<Rehab> Kael'thas/Ghostlands
Horde Guild
Sundays and Tuesdays
Wednesday for Normal
8 PM to 12AM CST
Currently Recruiting for our Core Raiding Group:
Off-Tank (who can show up 90% of the time)

We are a 2 night raiding guild. Many of us are adults with families and full time jobs.

We expect ALL Core Raiders to research encounters for raids before hand and to speak up when confused about boss/mob mechanics so we can maximize raid time with more pulls on bosses.
There are 8 raids in a month and we expect our Core Raiders to attend 80% of those raids. (6/8 a month) We start raid invites ~7:45-7:55 and expect raiders to have flasks/food ready for pulls @ 8:10 PM CST. I also expect our Core Raiders to be ilvl 910+ as we move into progression.

We also encourage non-raiders to apply and hang out as well!
Raid spots are earned and kept by attendance and raid performance. If you show up consistently, execute your role and do enough damage then you'll never be sat.

We are a pretty easy going group who are looking for dedicated players to do well at their classes and are looking for a stable raiding environment.

On our off nights we enjoy running mythic + dungeons, farming materials for the guild bank, leveling alts, recruiting and hanging out in Discord.

Our goal is to clear the most current heroic/mythic raid as quickly as possible under a 2 day per week schedule. We are a competitive bunch looking to always improve and tweak in order to achieve our goal of clearing content while it's current. We want to progress on a limited schedule and have fun while doing it!

Current Progression:

Tomb of Sargeras
Normal: 9/9
Heroic: 9/9
Mythic: 1/9

Normal: 11/11
Heroic: 11/11
Mythic: 1/11

Aitris-Kael'thas OR Rhint-Kael'thas
Prizefight - Ghostlands


The Application form is on the right of the website.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Just some things to note:

Our raid times are 8PM - 12AM EST (Not CST as shown above)

We are also currently the only horde guild on Kael'thas/Ghostlands to have progressed in Mythic ABT, making us the top horde guild on the server. If you're mechanically competent and and can push numbers please apply. We're still looking for folks that can attend at least 90% of the monthly raids. We're most in need of DPS, with perhaps another healer and an OT.

For heroic content the numbers should be for DPS 1.2M+, but just as important you should be able to quickly learn and understand the mechanics of these fights. Requirements are lower for normal and obviously higher for Mythic.

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I know this thread is like a year old, but are you guys still recruiting?

Whats your raid schedule like now? Need any classes in particular? Any ideal requirements for joining the raid team?