[H] <Refuge> HardMode Ulduar | Wed/Sun 8p-11p | CEPGP Loot


Raid Days: Wed/Sun 8pm-11pm EST

We are a hardcore guild that’s pushing hardmodes in Ulduar. We’ve been around since Classic and feel like home. As a mature guild, we strive to foster a positive, supportive, and inclusive environment where all guild members are respectful of one another.

Raid Expectations: 90%+ raid attendance, you come with full consumes/enchants/etc. to all main raids, and you are a team player who is laid back but can get stuff done.

Elemental Shaman
Resto Druid

Exceptional players of all classes are encouraged to apply, with the exception of main spec tanks.

If you have any questions/need further info, feel free to contact Djayy on discord, on this forum post, or any of the officers in-game:

• Djayyshamwow (Discord Djayyshamwow#9713)
• Effiny
• Thâtch
• Brotherfoot
• Zanzig

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