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About Us
Reduxx is recruiting for the Burning Crusade. We are a group of friends returning to an era of the game when it meant so much for us. But we need more people to fill in our roster goals. We plan to be on the more serious side when it comes to raid time. But overall a very fun group of people.

Raid Times
In TBC raid times will be Tues/Wed/Thurs 8p-12a ST. This will accommodate a fast start to the content and clearing it in a timely manner. With days dropping as content is on farm and ramping as new content releases. During the remainder of classic once we have a roster built, we can setup some test raids in MC/BWL to get a feel for one another. But one step at a time.

Loot System
Reduxx will be using lessons learned from past experiences in other guilds to build a custom Loot Council system. Designed to alleviate counseling and potential loot disputes during raid. We strongly feel raid time is for raiding and loot has plenty of time before hand to be discussed. During the remainder of Classic content any raiding done as a guild will be using a simple soft reserve system.

Recruitment Needs
Recruitment Currently Closed

Contact Us
Discord Aurkus#6015 or Rouna#9546
in-game at Aurkus or Rouna
Battlenet Aurkus#11631 or Rouna#1380
Reduxx Discord https://discord.gg/rWcemyTTWs

Can’t wait to hear from you. Welcome to Reduxx!

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Come start preparing for tbc with us! growing everyday!

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New folks joining everyday! Jump into the discord and check a look!

decent amount of 60’s in the guild now, come join us for some dungeons :slight_smile:

We are getting some guild dungeons going and some lower level players are grouping. lets keep this momentum up

We are needing more Shamans, Hunters, Warlocks, and Druids but all exceptional players considered!

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Yes, need cookies…

Looking for a few more good players to fill the final slots in our roster. Inquire within!