[H-PvE] <Fulcrum> 10M Progression | Recruitment Closed

:stop_sign: Recruitment Status: Closed - Last Updated: 5/18/24 :stop_sign:

<Fulcrum> is a semi-hardcore guild which focuses on progression while maintaining a good-natured environment and collaborative atmosphere. At this time, the team is recruiting to improve its roster and fill open positions with geared raiders capable of performing well within 10M HM progression encounters.


ICC25: 12/12 HC (12/12)
ICC10: 12/12 HC (12/12)
TOGC25: 5/5 HM (50/50)
TOGC10: 5/5 HM (50/50)
Ulduar 25: 54/54 (9/9 HM + Algalon)
Ulduar 10: 54/54 (9/9 HM + Algalon)

Raiding Schedule

10M: T/TH - 7:30-10:30 PM ST (Semi-Hardcore Team)

10M: Sat Only - 8:00-11:00 PM ST (Casual Team)

Trial Period

Attending 3 full raid nights (start to finish) allows promotion to Raider.


Best contact method is Discord, but feel free to reach out in game.

Discord: @nesuna, @cottonchill

In-Game (H-Mankrik): Nesu (T/TH), Dobbyhill (Sat)