[H-PvE] 10M Progression guild seeks Sham (Ele or Resto) and OT (Feral Preferred)

Our 10 man guild See You Space Cowboy has immediate openings for a Shaman (Ele or Resto) and an Off-tank (Feral HIGHLY desired).

Our Raid times are Tues/Thurs 8-12PM Server. We are progression minded but have a relaxed, friendly environment. We were a 10man guild experience in Wrath and successfully completed all Heroic content well before the phase end. Our goal is to be professional and execute raid strategies well. It is not our intent to be parse chasers (although we have several 90+ players). Boss kills are our goal first and foremost.

Our expectations:
You don’t have to be a mega-parser. We’re just looking for good gamer fundamentals (ie. movement, situational awareness, and basic coordination skills). Have a willingness to learn about your chosen class/spec if you’re not already a power-player. We’re all extremely friendly and help each other improve our game together with constructive criticism. We don’t do toxic behavior here.

What’s in it for you?
An exceptional Elemental Shaman recruit that demonstrates commitment will be guaranteed the first legendary caster staff from Firelands.
A Resto Shaman will have no gear competition for Intellect Mail gear.
A Feral Druid off-tank will have guaranteed weapon upgrades first. You’ll only share leather off pieces with a rogue, and you’ll get priority on Bear stats gear.
Other Off Tanks will be considered of course, with preference towards Prot Paladin most likely, but exceptional tanks are welcome!

Come enjoy the nostalgia trip with us. We’re all about having fun and killing bosses!



Still Looking!