[H] Priest looking for mythic raid team!

Thank you for taking the time to read my application! I know recruiting can be tough so i appreciate your time.

About me
I’m a 37 year old guy that hasn’t played wow seriously in years. I’ve played here and there but I have not really pushed myself in years. I’m looking to change that. I recently quit my nice corporate job and I’m looking to no life it for a bit in Shadowlands before I return to the real world. I’m a franchise player. Someone you can depend on long term. I show up on time and I show up ready.

Horde only!
I know my title says priest and that’s probably what I’m going to main but I might be open to other healers or tanking as well. A lot is still up in the air as the devs make tuning changes.

So like I said it’s been a while since I really played wow to push myself. I spent most of BFA either not playing or farting around in friends guilds that were months behind the curve. Before BFA though I used to be a top mythic raider. I’ve been a GM, raid leader, recruiter, and main tank in top 100 US guilds. I hate bringing up parsing as a healer because you’re so dependent on your dps to pull numbers or how many healers you bring but I definitely live log and check each one of my pulls to see how I can improve. I obviously don’t have great logs from BFA because I hardly played but I promise you wont be disappointed in my abilities. I work hard to get good at whatever I play. I will usually clear heroic in pugs at least 10 times a week just to practice rotation.

What I’m looking for
Mythic raiding obviously. This is going to sound crazy but I’m looking for the dream; good players on a semi casual schedule. I’m 37 so not really looking for a bunch of toxic kids to babysit! A group of players that doesn’t need to raid 4 nights a week to clear content. Laid back raiders who can raid three nights a week and then slam some M+ the rest of the time. I’m really looking for a place to call home because wow is only fun when you’re playing with friends. I’m just looking for a good group that’s fun to play with.

I would prefer raid times to be Monday - Thursday but for the right group i could make weekends work. I’m east coast so i would prefer any time between 7 and midnight eastern.

I appreciate people posting their spams because it keeps my post on the top of the list but you’re going to have more success recruiting with a conversation so add me on bnet. Warmachine#1364

Thank you again for reading all this. It went a lot longer than expected but I wanted to put it all out there!

Hey there warmachine, we are in need of more range/healers. We are building a CE focused team. Our raid times are Thursday: 9pm - 11:30pm EST and Friday: 9pm - 12:30am EST. Ill post our recruitment post below for you to read, if you are interested hit us up.