[H] Precision - Recruitment Thread

The Horde guild Precision is currently seeking those interested in raiding to join our ranks. We have cleared Normal Battle of Dazar’alor and Normal Crucible of Storms. We are currently working on Heroic Battle of Dazar’alor as we wait for Patch 8.2 to drop.

Precision is focused on providing a stress free and relaxed environment for raiding. Our goal is to just have fun and experience content as casually as possible. It’s just a game after all and no one should have to deal with increased anxiety in their leisure time. We accept everyone whether you’re a raiding veteran or if you just dabble in LFR. Our motto is “We are not a raiding guild, we are a casual guild who raids.”

Our primary need right now is healers and dps. Tanks are welcome to apply, just note that we are currently rotating four regular tanks and it may be difficult to get more in the rotation. Other than that, our philosophy is, bring the class and spec you have most fun with. We’ll do our best to work around you.

If you are interested in more information or if you’d like to join us please reach out to myself or any officer in game (Rygann, Onruk, Kushina, Lorenzeea, Grorcakh, Ashwalker, or Wolfcreek). You may also reply to this thread.

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