[H] Precision - Recruiting

*Updating for Battle of Dazar’alor recruiting.

Precision is a newly formed Horde guild on Earthen Ring. We’ve grown our ranks considerably since we formed in December and we’ve managed to field 12 to 15 consistent raiders. We’d like to keep growing as we move into season 2 and Battle of Dazar’alor.

Our focus is raiding in a casual, friendly, no stress environment. We want all our raiders to play the class/spec/role that they have the most fun with. We’ll rotate tanks, healers, and dps as much as we can so that everyone gets a chance to do what they want while still fielding a full raid. Our desire is that our members get to experience content, with progression being secondary.

That being said, given our late start we have been making decent progress. We are currently 8/8 Normal Uldir and 3/8 Heroic (hopefully at least 4/8 after our final season 1 raid). We will be starting the Battle of Dazar’alor raid when it open on Tuesday January 22nd. Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday starting at 9:30 Eastern and we typically run for about 2 hours. We’re all about having fun, and escaping the stress of the day for a little bit.

All classes and levels are welcome. Not interested in raiding, no problem, we are open to all. Join us and listen to the officers make fun of each other, or just laugh with us in Discord. For more information or if you’d like to sign up please contact Rumikiro, Onruk, Rygann, Wolfcreek, Gismoe, Tolipos, or Lonnie in game or reply to this thread.


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We are awesome and would love to have more awesome people!

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Bumping for Dazar’alor recruiting. Updated original post. Come join us as we start season 2.

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I’m interested in joining. I have a DH at cap horde side and planning on leveling a bunch more.