[H] Potato Dream | Zuljin | 2 Day | 7 Hour | Newly Formed 2/10M - 10/10H | Aiming US250

UPDATE: First night together (1/6) was full clear heroic in 2.5 hours with 4 wipes on Denny. First night into Mythic (1/11) with a few PUGs was 3 shotting Shriek and 12 on Huntsman (missing immunes and DK). While we are new formed and a bit behind on progress, this group is insanely solid.


Who is Potato Dream?
Potato Dream is a semi-hardcore guild on US-Zul’jin in search of raiders to further our mythic raid roster. originally existed in WoD/Legion/BFA where we averaged US250-300 on a 2 day schedule. We are now reforming in SL and looking to push into mythic. Guild was formed on 1/6/2020 and we went 10/10 Heroic, 2/10M (with a few PUGs) our first week together.

We have an extremely solid core of about 15 players, but still recruiting all spots. That said, our ultimate goal is to pop back up to US250, so we take each new trial very seriously.

Why Potato?:
Potato Dream is the efficient player’s guild. While we aren’t part of bleeding edge progression, we’re a happy middle ground for solid players who still want to progress without sacrificing their real-life (cause we’re old and have responsibilities now). We’re hardcore enough that you aren’t wasting 3.5 hours a night watching other people fail, but casual enough that you don’t hate your life. We progress quickly and efficiently. You’ll wonder why no guild you’ve ever been in has been this perfect.

We’re also very selective about our members, valuing both logs/performance and whether or not you’re a douchebag. Potato Dream is one of the first guilds I personally have ever been a part of when there’s not a single member anyone hates. There is no raid member that is there because they are good, but lots of people want them gone. There is no Officer boyfriend/girlfriend that’s only there for anonymous reasons. There is no person you switch channels in Discord after raid with your friends and talk about how annoying they are. We do not yell/rage at each other during raid. We have a very positive and constructive raid environment filled with just the right amount of banter and salt.

Guild Info:
We raid Thursday and Monday from 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM (EST/Server time, 7 hours total). We do not add days for progression, nor extend raid time more than 10 minutes, though we will have an additional night for an OPTIONAL heroic during mythic progress.

Trials typically last around a week and a half and are very informal.

How to Apply:

You can contact me at:
BNET - DrMeat#1235
Discord - cthomlison#2648


This guild seems really cool.

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Full cleared Heroic in 2.5 hours. Not too shabby.

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Still needing some members to round out our awesome team!

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