[H] <Post Apocalypse>- Shadowstrike (PVE) (SoM)

SOM Horde Guild: post apocalypse
About me, the GM:
I have been a high-end guild raid leader throughout 2 expansion packs - WOTLK and Legion. I have been a guild leader 2 or 3 times in the duration of WoW and have very good leadership ability.
About the guild: This will be a raiding Horde PVE Guild mainly, (not TOO Much PVP , but SOME.) We will tend to be a more traditional style guild with vibes from old-school MMO’s but also bringing a modern twist into our guild for SOM. Raid times likely will be US-EST Night time Weekdays.

Looking for all caliber- players, from super casual to slightly hardcore.
We will extend raiding to 3 nights a week or even 4 depending on time allowances of guildies. Ideally 3 to 4 nights from 730PM EST to 1100PM EST.

Literally just opening up recruiting this morning. We will recruit the next 2 and a half days before SOM Launch and be on discord before launch day (Tuesday) then recruit thereafter in-game.

Add me on discord whenever if you’d like to know more or join my guild discord:
or reply here!


My Warlock would like to join your guild on the ShadowStrike server. You said "all caliber-players. I would love to ‘learn’ to raid but have only done so a very few times, and that was in EverQuest. Please consider me -Uyena (Warlock originally from Bloodhoof when WoW first went live). Thank you for your consideration.

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I will be playing a Troll Shammy named “Tirtziti”. Interestingly enough, the poster, Rolissia, above is my mother (I’m actually a grandmother, myself lol). I’m attempting to drag the hubby alone (He was a hardcore raider in a past life).

I’ve sent you a friend invite on Discord, so hope to talk more there about our little family group :slight_smile:


bumpity bump, we are recruiting all day today, for Horde (PVP or PVE server not established yet)!
add me whenever today thanks - Avratzi#7462

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Having a great time meeting new friends on Discord while waiting for Launch (less than an hour to go!). Add Avratzi#7462 on your Discord and come join us for a great time!

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Id love to join!
Looking forward to a semi hardcore vibe with nice people!

lets have some fun :slight_smile:

I’m down to join, been raiding since vanilla.