[H] Please Clap 3/10M, Recruiting Mythic team

We are currently recruiting for competitive raid spots for our Mythic progression team. We currently raid Tuesday/Sunday 9:00pm ET - 12:00am ET.

Recruitment Needs: Logs required, please have them ready. Not only your main warcraft logs page but a direct link to at least 1 night of progression logs.

High priority

DPS: DPS and/or DPS with a heal/tank offspec.

Low Priority

Tanks: Raid tank spots are currently filled but DPS with a tank off spec should apply.

Healers: Raid heal spots are currently filled but DPS with a heal off spec should apply.

Who we are:

Please Clap is the newly renamed guild, Keep Name, that started during early BFA progression. The guild consists of a bunch of different types of people, looking to raid two nights a week at most, 6 hours a week total.

We will trash talk to pump people up, tease you endlessly if you break CCs, and gamble for gold during raid breaks. In the end, we are all here to kill things, stand in bad, and have fun doing so while progressing. We also have many players who love to run Mythic+, pushing their IO score to the max, while doing some PVP in Arena and RBG’s.

Our Goals:

We are currently sitting on a roster of 20 raiders. We are looking to add and make those spots competitive for a core 20 to 25 person roster. We do not consider ourselves hardcore raiders, but we do expect to progress through content at a steady pace, which inevitably requires buckling down at times.

Our expectations of you:

We expect raiders to be online and ready 15 minutes before the raid starts.

Come prepared with Flasks, Food and Pots when not provided by guild for progression.

You should know all encounters ahead of time, be willing to do personal log reviews and evaluate your own play so that we may progress as a team. If you do not know how to review logs, we have many people willing to help you so that you can improve your raid play, increase awareness and follow mechanics.

Raid leadership will evaluate play and what improvements can be made over the course of a raid tier. Gear must be enchanted AND gemmed. We can help with this, just ask!

Complete a Mythic +14 weekly.

Have ERT installed and Weakauras are encouraged.

What we will bring:

A fun, friendly community of players.

During progression, the guild will provide food, flask, gear repairs and vantus runes when needed.

An interactive community where we work together to develop strategies and help everyone improve.

Hit us up on Discord, or Bnet if you would like to chat after having filled out an application!

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BNET: Aythren#1572
Discord: Aythren#3793


- Tikki
BNET: Dawny#11976
Discord: Tikki#5313

BNET: Pally#1988
Discord: Pally/Lazurturky#7466

Chill and understanding group of people here! Raids have been fun and the group has been full of help and guidance for returning players. Bump this bad boi up.


We run guild RBGs, many of us in the hunt for 2k and we run tons of guild +15s/week.


RBGS/Keys/Raiding every week with good people every week.

Still looking for some great people to play with!

Our goal is serious mythic prog in 9.1, but we’d love to get some work in on CN, just need you, you beautiful person you.

Thunderfurry Classic remake???

Please Clap from Earthfury actually haha.

2/10 M and still working hard :slight_smile:

3/10! Moving quickly!

Please Bump