H Player Looking for Casual A Guild

(Tabeltop) #1

As stated in the title, I have been a horde player since I picked up with game. I played played on an off since MoP and played bfa on launch for a few months and then stopped after Tides. Looking to get back into the game casually and trying to see which server to play. Currently have 3 horde characters on Area 52, so figured having a guild would be a good reason to change servers.

I’m interested in raids but not a priority for the time being, since it’ll take a me a bit to level a new char.


Hey Tabletop, would love to chat with you!

We Have a Tabard was founded over 11 years ago with many of the same core members it has today, myself included. We’re a casual guild that raids one night a week for AotC and glory achievement mounts each tier, and would love to add some more members looking for a laid back social experience.

Not everyone in the guild raids, so there’s no obligation there, but on other nights we’re into all sorts of things: M+, heroic warfronts, timewalk raids, pvp, and more!

If this intrigues you at all, hit me up on bnet! Alveia#1839

Hope to hear from you :slight_smile: