[H] <placeholder> recruiting for WOTLK semi-hardcore

about us
formed with a common goal and focus in mind; to clear content in an efficient manner while maintaining our sanity through Wrath of the Lich King. We intend to complete all of the WOTLK content during it’s current phase. With a skilled and veteran board of leadership we aim to create a competitive and enjoyable raiding environment. Guild Leadership: Abs - Assistance - Loops - Zøid
raid info
Raid Times (server time):
Saturday 1PM – 4PM
Sunday 5PM – 8PM
With the goal of efficient raiding, all raiders are expected to bring full consumables and gear be fully enchanted/gemmed for every raid, maintain a 85% minimum attendance, trials 100% attendance, be able to provide communication where required, understand your class and encounters.
loot system
utilises Loot Council for distribution of loot, this will be at leadership’s discretion factoring in performance, attendance, significant raid upgrade and effort. currently recruiting
Recruitment open to all classes for WOTLK - filling fast

DISCORD: https:// discord.gg/DUVGPy3G