[H] <Pixel Pirates> 8/10H looking for DPS/Heals for Heroic. Come earn AOTC with us!

Pixel Pirates is a community of experienced players who enjoy raiding and mythic+ aimed at getting AOTC and some Mythic progression this season. We are looking for mature, like minded players who know how to have fun and still get down to business and achieve our goals. We’re also happy to take on folks who have a goal of raiding but maybe got a late start or are a little behind the curve. Friends and social players are also welcome on any spec, any class. Come join us!

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday & Thursday 9:00-11:30pm EST


We are sitting at 10/10/N 8/10H Currently. We should have this wrap up in the next couple weeks.

Are you:

  • A Mythic tier raider who just doesn’t have the time to grind out Cutting Edge any more?
  • Looking for a solid group to run M+ with but ending up playing PUG roulette?
  • Know that you are a good raider but don’t have the logs in Shadowlands to prove it?
  • Looking for a supportive, chill environment to hang out on your evenings off?

If this fits what you are looking for, then let’s chat! Our small but potent crew contains players from Classic and Vanilla raids over decades to Server first killers who became married with children but still love to raid. We thrive together, push each other, and most of all have fun while doing it. We also from time to time have fun in other games, or other activities!

What we are looking for:

  • Looking for any DPS and a flex DPS/healer to grow from 14 to 22.
  • You should have good working knowledge about your class and role in the raid using your whole toolkit.
  • You should be able to work well in a team, and be able to give/receive advice in order to succeed.

If you feel we would be a good fit with our community, please reach out to:
Recruitment Fozzoa [Discord Fozz#3728]

Finally, if you have a group of folks looking for a new home, or your guild recently folded for whatever reason, look me up! We have room for you.

EDIT: Reposted under the right character this time lol
Another Edit: Because we killed a boss last night. Come earn AOTC with us!

Another boss down! Come kill more with us!

Also, if you have a group of folks looking for a new home, or your guild recently folded for whatever reason, look me up! We have room for you.

need more healies!

Yes! We are looking for a healer. Please save my raid from my off heals and come join us! =)

Yes, please save us from the Fozzoa heals…you’re our only hope! Ok, that was dramatic but still…like save us and stuff. :slight_smile:

Added a few new people and downed 2 progression bosses on the first night. Come heal us to glory!

So… heals for Jazpur… CHECK. NO heals for Hunstrom… CHECK!

Got it. making notes…

We also like to run keys of all sorts too!

We like friends!

Sledge was at 9% last night just from some end of evening pulls. Should be dead on Thursday, which means we are close! Come get your AOTC with us!

Sludgefist died quickly last night. Off to Generals. Great fun and good laughs. 8/10. Need dps/heals

Still looking for some dps/heals. Come kill some pixels with a good group of people