[H] <Peerless>; Seeking all of you!

Peerless, formerly known as Rampaging Onslaught, was established back in 2014 with the goal of dominating our PvP battlegroup as well as the open world we share as a combined realm.

All in all we were pretty successful in our endeavors, and like a lot of folk, we eventually took a break from WoW… Up until approximately 2 weeks ago.

Now we are back and seeking to recruit anyone across our four realms. Regardless of whether you fancy PvP or not, we dabble in everything!

Our primary goal at the moment is to gradually grow, level, and gear all of our guild as we anxiously await the Shadowlands release. When the time is right and we have the numbers, guild events will be formed and the real fun shall begin again.

If you’re seeking a laid back group to play with, right here at home (being our four connected realms), then you should look no further than Peerless!

Search for our guild in game and apply, for feel free to add me and I’ll be happy to invite you the old school way!

I appreciate your time and thanks for reading.