[H] Pally and Warlock LF active guild

Hello, my friend and I are looking for an active semi-hardcore horde guild. We have both recently rerolled horde and are looking for a group to progress our new toons with. We are looking for weekend H raid times. We are both 10/10H on our old mains, currently i am 201 ilvl and he is 214. We are very social gamers and would like a guild that has an active discord.

Hello! I’m from Overtuned on Zul’jin Horde and we’re looking for more dps to continue our push though CN. We’re 10/10H and are looking to refill our roster to start going into mythic.

We raid 7-10pm EST Thursday and Friday.

If you’re interested or have questions PM me on discord Archmage Galacius#1482!

Hi Bby! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!