(H or A) Looking for a guild to raid with or possibly join

I play a Prot. Paladin on both the Horde (Tauren - Rarebeef) and Alliance (Dark Iron - Brorn). I am looking for a guild to either raid with or possibly join. I also have a Highmountain Druid Guardian, he is a baby, but let’s be honest… it takes no time to level these days. On the Alliance side I have a Brewmaster Monk (Kul’tiran) and a Druid (Kul’tiran), as well as DK (Dwarf, DI and Gnome). I ONLY tank. I hate DPS… so if working both sides is needed, please do not apply. I need to have raid times either early in the morning (8a to 11a CST or 9a to 12p EST) OR the afternoon (6/7 to 9 CST or 7/8 to 10EST). I have been playing since 2004 Beta with only a leave for Pandaria (still just think Pandas are silly).

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Seriously? No one can use some sexy Dwarf lovin’… or some Moolicious meatshields???

realm is dead bro :confused: its so sad to see that from the OG days of being a child