[H] Old Player Looking for Guild

So it has been a while since I powered up the portal to Azeroth, last time I was here was during WoD, and I was sporadic at best during that expansion. I have returned to get a feel for the game again for when Classic comes out.

On returning however I noticed that the guilds I was in with all of my toons are either completely disbanded or dead with no activity at all. I’m just looking for a guild of people to log on and chat with and possibly help out someone if needed. Run a dungeon or two or even a raid with the same people on occasion.

A little about me, I’ve played since the late days of Vanilla, I’ve been on Scarlet Crusade my entire gaming career here in WoW. Raided all through BC, WOLK, CATA, and MOP. During WOLK I used to raid with six different toons, but I have slowed down and focus a lot on one or two now. I used to be self sufficient and had all my toons with maxed professions, but I see now that crafting has changed a bit.

Just looking for people to see if the game is still alive.

Hi there, Lyer! Well, to answer your question, there are some of us still around although the numbers are much less than at the start of the expansion. You’ve come back at a time when everyone is waiting for the big patch and next raid tier and many have taken a break until that happens. There are still a few active guilds on the server, however. Since you’ve been away, Blizz has also introduced something called Communities, which are cross-realm groups that can communicate in their own chat channel and make raid events on the calendar. That’s actually a good way to get everything that you are looking for…a social guild with maybe some good raiding/dungeon groups via a community if the guild doesn’t offer that sort of thing.

Look me up in game (zephanee#1248 on bnet) and I’ll be happy to help with any questions. Many of my own guild members, including myself, have played this game since its start and are planning to play Vanilla as well so we will be starting a guild over there as well that you may be interested in. Welcome back to the game!