[H] <Old God River> Recruiting for Mythic Raid Team!

Old God River is currently recruiting for our Mythic raid team! We are a small, tight knit group of friends looking to add to our rag tag bunch.

About us: We are a small guild, focused on running high end content while keeping the fun in the game! We’re not quite the hardest of the hardcore, but we are also not casual. When it comes to raid nights, we buckle down and crush it as a team! And when it comes to off nights, you can find us running m+ keys, gearing up for raids, chatting it up on discord, or playing other games as a group like quiplash, animal crossing or smash bros. :slight_smile:

Raid times: Currently Thursday 8pm Server, looking to pick up a second raid night that works for everyone.

Looking for: 1-2 healers and 6+ dps. Non-meta specs welcome! Skilled players in non-meta specs get bonus points :wink:

Expectations for raid members: Raid core should be ready to go on raid nights! We understand things can come up, just let us know before hand. Raiders should show a willingness to improve and learn, and also have a positive attitude towards our team members AND pugs. If you’re interested in being a part of our raid core, we start each recruit out on a trial period before moving them up into the core team.
We use discord for chat~

If interested drop a message to our raid leads on discord:
Killswitch .tv#7804 (no spaces)

Our progress: 12/12H & N Nya

Let’s keep Ysera-durotan alive, y’all! ;D
Join us and have some fun! :slight_smile:


Bumpity Bumpity Bump

If you all are still looking I’ll shoot you a message after work today. Looking for a semi hardcore raiding guild that will work with my tight schedule.