(H) <Old Farts> rebuilding


Old Farts is a guild of and for older players. All ages will be considered but we are specifically looking for players age 40+. Last expansion the guild was inactive but with the return of two founding members we have set up shop once again and seek fellow adventurers to run stuff and hang out in Discord. We are very small and need players who are patient and want to be in it for the long haul. You wont find the drama with us that you sometimes find in other guilds. Looking forward to meet you just add me Oldtimer65#1978 or whisper anyone in the guild. Thanks for your time.


We value quality over quantity. Join the few and the proud!


Name is Juárez on Kil’jaeden , just an old Panda that old guild has gone dark and would enjoy some banter from time to time. Lost the enjoyment in Raid healing but that might have to do with pugging normal and heroics in Dranor & Legion. I spend most of my time now in the Epic BG’s, War Fronts, world events and expeditions. Don’t have the talent to do Mythic plus, but that might have to do with people not understanding the idea that it is better to walk down the hll and bonk all the cows instead of running down and bonking one! Always happy to help when needed though.

Fighting style Mist-Weaver (Fist-Weaving) really

PS: I tend to farm a lot and need a place to pone off food and fish, so I hope you have room in the vault, lol

If Interested , more then happy to move on over


If you like a small guild that hangs out in Discord then you are welcome. Its all about people. We’d love to have you.