[H] <Oh Lawd> - T/TH 8-11 PST

Hey everybody - UPDATED AGAIN 7/20

[Oh Lawd] 10/10 Kara, 2/3 Gruuls & Mag

As a group, we’ve been together since Wrath with a few server firsts under our belts in different expansions. We’re pretty washed at this point but are still interested in clearing all BC content and having fun while doing so. With us all being old friends (and many IRL buds) you’d be stepping into, and enriching, an already fun guild experience.

What we’re looking for:

  • Holy Paladin
  • Mages
  • Arms Warrior
    *DPS Shaman
  • We’re not meta chasers. Play what you want to play, and we’ll make it work. I doubt we’re ever going to hit an enrage timers where bringing an additional hunter over the feral druid is really going to be an issue. If we do, then we can address it at that point but the meta is not our gatekeeper.

Raid Information

  • Raid times aren’t set yet but will be around 8-11pm PST start time, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • We’re all professionals, husbands, dads, functioning adults with time commitments. WoW is a release from the real world that we enjoy and we respect each other’s time in-game. All that is to say that efficiency and aptitude is at a premium.
  • We plan on running PUG raids and would be open to the idea of a guild alliance or sister guild scenario but those types of things are tricky and it would have to be the right setup.

Anyways, if you’re looking for a fun and chill home for TBC hit me up in game or reply to this thread and we can work it out.



Hey sounds right up my alley! Sent a request from Novaka#1900. Or give me a shout on server as Novaka

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Hey Spacebass,

I skipped Classic because once was enough, even though I loved it back in the day. But TBC really brings back some great memories for me.

If you guys do a Weekend Fri - Sat Raid… I’m so on-board.

Also… wondering why you’d need to PUG raid? Is recruiting that tough? Honestly don’t know the Population of the servers.

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Hey there! We might do some weekend raids, just depends on what people can commit to and sometimes weekends are tough with other social obligations.

We just planned on pugging if we needed to until we get a full 25man roster. We’re new to the server and it’s always a little tougher for upstarts, but I’ve been really encouraged with our ability to snag a good amount of people already. I think we’ll be in a good position and may only need to put for a brief period while we fill in our last few gaps and get people attuned.

Just an update:

Now that we’re getting a solid team together, we have a better idea of our more pressing needs to round out our roster:

-Healing Priest
-Resto Druid
-Arms warrior
-Enhancement Shamans

Overall Myzrael has been a great experience and we’re looking good to hit the ground running in T4!

Hi me and my friend are running Feral Tank and Holy Pally and are looking for a guild to raid with for TBC hit me up on discord if you are interested Timotay#3279

Sounds good man, I added your Btag last night

Now that our core is starting to take shape, I’ve updated our current needs and solidified our raid times.

Just a word as it’s come up on some discussions with individuals in-game:

If you and your friends are in a smaller guild and are concerned about being able to raid past Kara, there’s nothing wrong with joining up with us to ensure you get to see the content you pay your subscription costs to see. Our group has been together for a long time and can shepherd that experience. Sometimes people are reluctant because of a loss of group identity when joining under a new banner, but I can speak from experience that it doesn’t have to be anything other than a great experience.

Just something to keep in mind as we all are just trying to play the game

Hi there,

I am looking for a guild myself and after reading your post I would love the opportunity to join. Your raid times and fun, chill vibe would be perfect for me as I am an adult with a job and a family myself. I can play either a Ret or Prot pally or Prot/Fury/Arms warrior as I am experienced with both. The only caveat is that I’m only level 32 (Pally) and 58 (warrior). I would be happy to level either character for the guild if presented the opportunity to join as I enjoy playing both.

(Edit) I should mention I also can play Feral Druid (lvl 10), rogue (lvl 16), and hunter (lvl 60) as well. I would just have to level whatever you guys would need. I really enjoy physical melee or ranged dps. Just not spellcasters.

Thank you,

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Hey Aelossa! Sorry for the delayed response, but we’d love to talk to you more about it.

Feel free to add me or Elesiv in game.



Just downed High King and Gruul. Silky smooth PUG, great work last night dudes. Looking for full time members to make them full guild runs!