[h] <offshore misfits> casual guild!

Salutations Everyone!

Are you a casual player? Are looking for other mature players to play along with every now and then? Do you enjoy Warcraft because of the multitude of options of how to play is all within your control? Collections? Legacy raids? Alt leveling/Learning new class? Professions? PvP?
Does real life come first?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, [H] Akama, can be your new home! Newly formed guild (Mar 24,2021) with people who have been playing off and on since vanilla.

Join the guild and help us expand! Everyone is welcome! At the moment, our focus is just being social, leveling and running legacy raids for achievements, mounts, x-mog…etc.

P.S. I’m not a raider in the least and have never been able to keep up with the latest raids, so hopefully someone can take up that mantle to bear if we get enough players. Regarding PvP, I haven’t done that hardcore since WotLK but do enjoy the occasional BG… but be warned, I’m rusty!