[H-Obsolete - 4/10M - 10/10H Need Warlock + More]

Server(s) : Cho’gall/Auchidoun/Laughing-Skull/Elune/Gilneas

Obsolete is recruiting for current content and 9.1. We are looking for a Warlock + other folks who are looking to progress with us.

Raid Days : 2 Days a week. Tuesday and Wednesday, 7:30PM - 10:30PM EST
About us : We are a group of gamers who have been around since vanilla. Some old and some new. The guild is ran by a married couple and their officers. We ask that you’re 18 + because at times the conversations can become “spicey”. Very calm and laid back community. Also we have a lot of fun!

Raid intentions : We like to say we are a heroic guild who dabbles into mythic. In mythic we got down 4 bosses this raid. With the content getting stale, we are losing interest with some of our players and need bodies. We may not push mythic any more this tier, but we will still down the heroic raid and do as much Mythic as we can for the week.

For more information or questions please contact :

Bent#1513 or