[H]Obscure Recruiting!

Obscure is looking to recruit for Shadowlands! We don’t expect you to join without knowing a little about us. So here we go!

Our guild was created in WotLK to create a stress-free raid environment that still looked to progress. We have successfully been achieving that goal for several expansions now! We strive to just have a good time and form friendships. Many of us have been raiding together since the beginning. We like to have a good time and have fun. We are not at the cutting edge when it comes to raiding, but Mythic does interest us if we have the raiders for it.

Our Current Progress :

Castle Nathira
Normal - 10/10
Heroic - 10/10

Sanctum of Domination
10/10 Normal
7/10 Heroic

Our Needs :

We are looking for healers in particular. Always accepting socials! If you are looking for a place to hang out in Shadowlands to talk, Mythic+, or otherwise mess around, we just might be the guild for you! Always active, even during the content lulls!

Raid Times
Wednesday - 7:30pm-10:30pm CST
Friday - 7:30pm-10:30pm CST

Please respond here or message me in game at Ickis, or Crono#1927 for more information! Other officers are available for questions at Eital, Eochai or Redxelementz. Thanks for taking your time to read our post!

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Come and heal for us! We also enjoy a tasty mage here and there.

Still looking for a few healers! Cleared heroic Crucible last night!

Grong is dead now :slight_smile: We need to update our post!

Post is updated to reflect Mythic Grong kill. Still need some healers!

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And now we’ve gone and killed the Jadefire Masters, basically nothings stoppin this train. Still need healers! And probably just good players? Talk to Ickis.

Starting up doing two days on Mythic raiding. Currently 3/9! You healers and mages know you want in on this!

Come heal for us! We actually do things!

Looking for one of those elusive mages. Want to be the best mage in a guild? Just join our raid team and you’re there! What a pro you are!

Well the good news is I’m an elusive mage looking to raid in 8.2.

The potential bad news is I haven’t raided seriously since Throne of Thunder, and I’ve pretty much ignored M+ or pugging raids this expansion.

I’ve gotten my 401 Ilvl the most BS ways possible and I want to feel like I’ve earned it with this patch. I’ll be on most of the weekend so I’ll keep any eye out to hit you up in game if I see you. magedown#1887

Horde side first Azshara kill! Even if it was normal! :joy:

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Hi! :slight_smile: Are you guys still looking for casual/social members? I have a blood elf DH I’m working up to lvl 120 but I usually play ally and don’t know anyone on horde side. :confused: Succubish-Blackhand if you are! :smiley:

Grats! On your clear!

Do people even use the forums anymore? I guess I’ll try! Looking for some healers!

Hey, this might be a longshot, but is your guild still recruiting for healers? lol