[H-NZ] <Chocolate Milk> [10/10N] [3/10H] CHILL AF



Chocolate Milk is a horde guild on Barthilas made up of ~15 IRL mates across NZ and Australia, looking for rad people who know how to play but like to have fun so we don’t have to PUG people for progression.

Raid Schedule

Monday 7:00pm - 10:00pm (NZDT)
Wednesday 7:00pm - 10:00pm (NZDT)

M+ and CN (normal) runs throughout the week/weekend.



  • Not actively recruiting for progression but you’re welcome to apply.


  • Full on priests.
  • Currently recruiting all other classes/specs.


  • Currently recruiting all classes/specs.

At the end of the day all applicants will be considered but seriously we have a lot of priests.

Ideal applicants will be >= 195 ilvl and have average/decent logs for CN and M+.

We’re not trying to be world first, we don’t really care if you don’t know the fights or dungeons right now, just show up on time, be happy to learn, and don’t be a dick.

Sense of humour is important since discord gets a little crazy sometimes, in a good way. Zero tolerance for genuine abuse and edgelords; we’re all late 20s - early 30s and just want to hang out and play games with our mates.

We catch up for beers in Auckland every couple weeks or so, no pressure to attend, and play games like Among Us together when we’re bored.


BNET: ANeatHat#1124
DISC: AP#3560

Hit me up and we’ll talk :slight_smile:

Hey mate.

I sent you a message on Discord but I’m also just replying to this thread as a notification just in case there’s some weird “friends-only” permission in Discord PMs.

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