[H] <Not That Drunk> - M+ focused, homie-loving community

Hey Emerald Dream, we’re Not That Drunk!

What We’re About

  • Our focus is M+, meaning most of the content we do together revolves around keys
  • We are happy to help gear anyone who is down to hang out in discord and get to know the gang
  • While not required, discord is helpful for anyone who wants to get the most out of the community
  • We game enough to push 3k IO, but are down to earth enough to kiss our homies goodnight


M+ Pushing

  • We have a good collection of multi-season KSM players who will be looking to push 20+ keys as the season continues

Valor Farming

  • This is not necessarily an event, but most nights. We’re willing to help any member who is willing to put in the effort to gear themselves

Achievement/Mount Runs

  • We have several mount/achievement chasers, so if that’s your jam you’ll have company

If you want to learn more, contact us in this forum, or join the discord using our website redirect!

Website: https://discord.notthatdrunk.com

Ogezus - Guild Master

Discord: Ogzuss#1402
Battletag: Squirtle#12134


Get up in here before Shadowlands, kids!

Hiya! Are you guys still accepting chars? I’d enjoy joining up and checking out your community.

We are for sure, just hit any of us up in game or head over to the discord!

Now is the time to join! We’re growing super fast with multiple people joining every day. We have two raid teams with a third potentially on the way to keep up with growth, a very active discord with people online every day, and a super welcoming vibe. Come hang out!

Updated raid times.
First team is 4/10 Heroic, 10/10 Normal.
Second team is 2/10 Heroic, 10/10 Normal.

First team now 8/10 Heroic
Second team 5/10 Heroic
Both recruiting select roles, check the OP for info!

Are you guys still looking for a healer? I can no longer raid fridays with my current guild and am seeking for a new one that fits my current schedule.

We are! Still recruiting two healers - feel free to join the discord or message me if you’re interested!

With Heroic Nathria cleared, we’re shifting focus to recruiting M+ players. All are welcome!

Looking for a warrior for mythic progression!

wtb mages, warriors, boomkins

Any chance you guys need a bear druid for any of the teams recently returned to the game looking for a guild

Now recruiting both factions for 9.2.5!

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Bump /10char

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Ramping up recruiting for Dragonflight, still going strong!

Something to consider, making a private community in game so that you guys can keep of each other quicker. Provided you’re all not on voice. Did this back in the day with my guild when we were all playing City of Heroes and City of Villains together. Made life sooooooooo much easier. Although, if I recall I don’t think voice chat was really a thing for us at that time yet.

We actually gave this a go - but it was hard getting people to use the community chat. It became an effort explaining how to use it so we ultimately dropped it. We’re primarily horde though, so discord hasn’t been a problem yet!


Hey guys!

This looks up my alley because I enjoy M+ and am looking for dedicated group to run with instead of randoms.

I know the last post in from a few weeks ago, but are you still looking for people and, if so, are there any roles you need?

Ideally I prefer to tank, but I do have a healer or DPS toons on both factions that I could focus on first.

I haven’t had the chance to play much this week, but I’m hoping to get one of my characters to 70 this weekend and start the end-game gearing

I’d be happy to chat on Bnet or Discord if you’d like:

Btag: Bahlmoral#11417
Discord: Starbreaker#2879

Are you guys active? Like how many people are online at a time? Would there be a chance at any heroic raiding? Are you guys looking king for tanks? Tanks that may not be good enough to have a 3k io…