[H] <Nostalgic> - Mature, community-focused guild LFM

Nostalgic is a new guild established by old friends, playing Horde on the Thrall-US server.

We consider ourselves a community-focused guild, meaning that our primary enjoyment comes from building a community, making lasting friendships, and having a safe space where everyone feels welcome and valued.

We chose the name because we were nostalgic about some of the communities we had in the early days of the game and hope to recreate the comradery of friends just hanging out and playing the game we love.

Our guild activity currently focuses on running keys, getting killed in PvP, leveling alts, getting hopelessly lost, doing achievements and running around in circles while we chat. We are not currently raiding at this time but if enough folks are interested it’s something we can pursue.


  • An active guild that doesn’t just log in on raid night.
  • Socializing in guild chat (we have a Discord, but that’s not a replacement for in-game chat).
  • Having a guild website with actual forums.
  • Not leaving anyone behind.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Members must be 21 years or older. Most of us are in the 30-40 range (or older!) and have been playing since Vanilla.
  • Treat everyone with respect. Harassment, sexism, racism, or hate speech will not be tolerated.
  • No discussion of religion or politics. We log in to get away from that!
  • No drama. Be nice and help each other. Throw out ideas and jump in with your opinions. Gaming is for fun time with friends.
  • Anything posted in Discord or the forums must safe for work and viewable by all ages at all times.

More Information
Where do you sign up? On the WEBSITE! You could be a WINNER! ~ Illegal Danish

We do have a website with more information about us - www.nostalgic-guild.com - but you don’t need to put in an application. If you have further questions or would like to talk with someone about joining, please hit us up in-game or in Discord.


  • In-game: Athrien (or anything with Ath in it)
  • Discord: Ath#4705


  • In-game: Icecapadë (or anything with Ice in it)
  • Discord: Icecapade#1478

Thanks for reading!

Come join us! :partying_face: :100:

I goofed on my Discord tag and have corrected the original post. Sorry about that!

How does a druid cut his hair? Eclipse it. :grin:


What do you call a forsaken who likes bad jokes? Pundead :grin:


Are we doing this? Okay.

Why did the Warrior cross the road? No path available. :smiley:

How do orcs drink water? glug glug

My wife told to quick acting like a flamingo…SO I had to put my foot down! =0

Nice Jinjix!

Where do Hellscreams park their cars?
In the garrosh.

What do a noob and a rogue have in common? They both pick locks.

cackles in mage :smiling_imp:

Why do wow players make dad jokes?

We get a kek out of it!

Are you still recruiting for your guild? I’m interested in knowing more. I’m looking for a group to run mythic keystones. Let me know if you’re looking for members.

Hi Melanthromir, yes we are still recruiting, please feel free to hit us up on discord, check out our guild website, or put in an app through the in game application :slight_smile:

Why is punch so popular in Ogrimmar?

Because it’s all spiked!

Why is Cenarian Circle neutral?

Because a circle has no sides.

Bump - cause wow is better with friends :slight_smile:

Hey there! Are you still recruiting? I’m on Tich rn but I’ve been thinking of moving to Thrall for a while.

Hi Fire, yes we are still recruiting! Please send us a note on discord or in game or look us up in the guild finder :slight_smile:

I be interested. Is there a way I can get a Bnet to chat with you please?