H <Nine Lives> 4/10M Recruiting!

Hey this is Hipro from the gaming community Nine Lives, and we’re searching for more players to add on our Mythic tier roster. Our community is open to players accross multiple platforms and any game but on our Mythic Roster the focus is on killing bosses.

We raid Friday and Saturday Nights from 9-1 EST. We’re looking for mostly ranged DPS with healing offspecs. We’re also looking for dedicated players that are willing to take on a support role. Subbing in for certain fights due to comp, attendance, and any other factors that come into play for our team.

Our mindset is simple. We show up prepared, focused, and committed to working together as a team for the phat loot.

My BNet is BaSkEtCaSe#1672 and I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for checking us out!

Bump for dps

Bump for 5/10 Mythic now