(H) Night Control is recruiting!


We’re a small casual guild of adults who knows this game comes second to real life. We’re job holders/ parents/ college students who play to have fun.

Come be apart of a fun guild.


We want to experience the game on a casual level. We have a raid group and an rbg group. Our aim is to create a light non stress, 0 drama environment for our members to relax in after a hard day of work or school. We aim to fill our roster with people who want to be apart of a family of helpful members.
If you’re looking to just relax without the pressure of having to raid or do any type of pvp that’s cool with us too!

If interested please add my battletag! Cyrha#11936 Let’s chat! or whisper me in game on either Avyena or Cyrha or Reya. Come join us! We’re horde on Stormreaver!

We are still actively recruiting! Whisper any of our officers in game or the gl to talk or add the btag in the message!

We are still looking for more to join our raid group!

What is your raid schedule?

My horde toon

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