[h] New player looking for a guild

Hello everyone I am new player to wow currently leveling my first character. I’m looking for a guild willing to take on a casual player eventually I would like to get into raiding too! My timezone is EST

hi Cirerin! Fhu here GM of “Looping in Time”. You are totally welcome to join up!

If you haven’t found a home yet, please pst me in game directly! We have a thread here on the forums if you wish to read more about us. Totally willing to help a new player get familiar!

Absolute Horizon is looking for people like you! We are a Heroic progression, Mythic+ orientated guild with AOTC and keystone Master experience. We are a former Alliance guild who have made the switch to Horde and looking to bolster our core team. We have spots for all roles and just want fun progression oreintated players. We are planning to raid Tuesday and Thursday nights 8:30-11:30est. If you are interested in more information please contact me on Bnet at Crypticblade#1905 or on discord at Mikey#9009 New players very welcome and we are ready to help you learn.