[H] Nephilim recruiting for Eternal Palace raiding and beyond!

Nephilim, one of the server’s longest-running guilds, is looking for more players for casual raiding in Azshara’s Eternal Palace on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:45pm–10:00pm server time.

Nephilim is a casual raiding and mythic plus guild made up of a diverse group of longtime WoW players looking for a more casual approach to the game we love. We typically get AToC for a given raid tier while still being understanding enough to stop raid or pause a mythic plus run if someone’s kid is in need. It’s a fun and impassioned game, but we know it’s only a game. We’re LGBTQ-friendly and have a zero-tolerance policy on hate speech.

Right now we’re primarily looking for DPS players to take on the Eternal Palace raid and Season 3 Mythic Plus, but please come say hi regardless of your preferred spec. Some folks PVP, some folks just casually quest occasionally raid. We provide regular raiders with full enchants, food, flasks, and pots.

We’ll also have a casual presence in Classic.

Message anyone in the guild and they can pitch you an invite. An officer will message you to get to know you a little better.

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And of course, I posted this from a character I never play! HI!

Bump again for 8.3! We’re particularly interested in DPS that have healing offspecs, but everyone’s welcome.