[H/N-WRA-RP] Gearpunk Dynamics 🤖

:robot: Gearpunk Dynamics is Hiring! :robot:

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Are you a talented individual with special skills that most people don’t value nearly enough? Are you a mad genius, or just plain mad at the state of politics? Do people complain that you smell like metal & grease a lot? You might have a place in G.P.D.!

We’re a Neutral Goblin-centric Technologies company that specializes in non-lethal, life improvement! Washers for your clothes, vaccuumbas that cusses when they hit a wall! Juicers for all kinds of fruit, in personal, family and INDUSTRIAL SIZE! We hire all kinds, even gnomes! As we are located on the Speedbarge!

Run by Dyna & Tin Gearpunk, all employees are provided with various insurances, a dormitory to live in, tabs at the Tail and the Speedbar! Here as G.P.D., we’re a Family & no one goes hungry if you’re one of our Punks!


  • Pilots

  • Tinkerers/Engineers

  • Healers

  • Models
    Feel free to inquire!

OOC Info

First and foremost, we’re a Role Playing guild, and very close knit! We try to avoid cliqs, bc we want everyone to like each other. We’re LGBTQ+ run & inclusive. We want to see all of our members thrive ic and ooc. Whether it’s Art, Writing, or working out, or IC character story arcs.

We have two weekly social events, and take part in many community events around the server. There’s plenty of room for your own plots and stories to be told with us!



Gearpunk Dynamics is THE best RP guild on the server! Yes, I am biased, but hey it’s biased because of personal experience! Seriously, come check us out. If your curious you can meet a bunch of us on Sunday at 8:30 Server time in Org at the The Wyvern’s Tail @ the Valley of Honor.


Tomorrow we’re having our bi-weekly BARGE BRAWLS! They take place at 7 server on the Speedbarge in 1k Needles!