[H & N -RP] Lordaeron Memorial March - Sunwell - Oct 15th, 2023

Marking the start of Hallow’s End the survivors of the Scouring of Lordaeron gather and remember those lost. Each year the journey and reflection back upon those grim events retrace a legacy of pain. Join us for a solemn march as we trade Archas’ path from the Throne Room Of Lordaeron to the Sunwell.

Enchanted lantern pets are encouraged and are kept out during the march to remember the fallen and light the way toward a better future.

  • Date: Oct 15th, 2023 (Sunday)
  • Time: 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern
  • Server: Moonguard - Open to all RP servers; anchor raids provided. WRA guilds welcome.
  • Factions: Horde & Neutral (Void Elves not welcome)
  • Start: Throne Room Of Lordaeron, with opening prayers and speeches.
  • Close: Sunwell, with closing speeches and prayers.
  • Contact: Banshih (H-MG)

This event starts marks the beginning of Dance Of The Dead.