[H] Mortality| US-Mankrik (All content on farm)

[H] Mortality| US-Mankrik (All content on farm)

Raid Schedule: Tuesday/Sunday 9:00pm (EST)

About Us:

Mortality is looking to move into AQ40 splits with a schedule of raid 1 doing AQ40 / BWL on tuesday and raid 2 doing AQ40 / BWL on sundays. We do offnight 20 man content. Splits will have a mains prio with the goal of getting our main raiders BIS asap to support faster DMF clears.

We use alts as a method of adding extra bodies to our raids without having the ongoing issues of supporting 2 independent raids so we welcome people who take the time learn to play their alts as if its their main.

While we push content at an aggressive pace, our goal is also to have a healthy community within the guild, as such we have a very healthy Discord community and encourage this.

Loot Distribution:

We offer a completely transparent loot council system with rotation drops per common class. We strive to work within each camp to maximize our drops and push the gear in the direction that helps increase the raid as a whole not toss everything at our officers.

Recruitment Needs:

We are looking to get the following classes to fill our desired needs:

Warlocks 1-2
Mages 1-2
Rogues 1-2
Healers 1

If you’re interested in joining please feel free to contact me ingame on Terz, Terzul, or Sinistraud. or reach out to any of our officers.

Also you can add me on disc: Terzul#0787

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