[H] <MM> | Late Night AOTC+ 9/9H (3/8M VOTI) | T/Th 10pm - 12am PST | LF MDPS

<Midnight Madness> is a late night Horde guild on Mal’Ganis. We are a team of players who care more about the people they are playing with than the progression. We will clear AOTC every tier. After that, we’ll reclear and do other things like achievement runs, m+, etc. When we have the roster, we’ll do Mythic progression but never at the expense of the community, meaning we won’t bring in people that don’t fit with the guild vibes just to meet a 20 man roster requirement. Clearing content at a reasonable pace is important, but we are far more concerned about having a good time on a shorter raid schedule. We are looking for a couple more DPS to solidify our core to begin some casual Mythic progression!

We have a very laid back environment. Many of us are old (late 20s up to the 40s), so we don’t have time to deal with raging elitists. This is our time away from whiny children and we’re just looking to kill bosses and have a good time. During trash, there is lots of friendly banter so make sure you can take a joke. During pulls, the group is very focused on doing the best we can.

We are looking for people that enjoy running keys. We have people that do them every night and the more we have, the better! Our keys range from low keys on alts all the way up to +20s and beyond. We have many raiders that push keys up to 2.5-3k IO.

Raid Times:

  • Tuesday: 10pm - 12am PST (12am - 2am CST)
  • Thursday: 10pm - 12am PST (12am - 2am CST)

Alt/Farm Night (optional):

  • Monday: 10pm - 12am PST (12am - 2am CST)

Current Needs:

  • Melee DPS:
    – Death Knight
    – Demon Hunter
    – Monk
    – Rogue
    – Shaman
    – Warrior
  • All Exceptional players encouraged to reach out!


  • Aberrus:
    – Normal: 9/9
    – Heroic: 9/9
  • Vault:
    – Heroic: 8/8
    – Mythic: 3/8


  • You will not rage, yell, or bring an elitist attitude.
  • You can play your class at a competitive level, while still performing mechanics.
  • You are expected to attend 90+% of raids.
  • Invites will start ~10 minutes before raid time. You are expected to be online and ready to go before raid start. With a shorter schedule, starting on time is important.
  • You can handle both constructive criticism and friendly banter. We want to efficiently kill bosses, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously and if you fall off a ledge, you will hear about it.
  • Active outside of raid time. Being a more social guild, we are looking for players that actively play the game and engage with the team. Raid logging is not allowed.
  • Prior AOTC/Mythic experience with logs preferred.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. If you’re interested in joining, fill out an app and we’ll get in contact with you:

  • Discord: zamereon (GM)
  • Bnet: Zamereon#1622 (GM)
  • App: bit.ly/MidnightMadnessApp

Only 3 bosses left!

Bumping up for some epic deeps!

Only Sark left! Looking for more great DPS players to start Mythic!

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Looking for some more DPS, prefer melee!

Looking for a few more DPS as we’re getting close to mythic time!

Looking for great melee players!

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Sark at sub 3%! Looking to add some more DPS for Mythic.

To the top.

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Got Sark down! Looking to start mythic soon!

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Bumping up for the 12 people not playing D4 :slight_smile:

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Hi. I am looking for a chill late night AotC guild! I have many classes (a lot of characters) that I play but I main Druid. I see that you are looking for Melee, have a slightly undergeared Enh Shaman and Rogue for what yall are raiding. Even if not on progression raids, would still be cool to be around late night folk!

Feel free to send me a message on discord and we can chat more :slight_smile: