[H] Mistweaver (Multiclass Healer) Looking For Raiding/Mythic+ Guild

Greetings everyone!

I’m looking for a multi-day weekday evening or early morning raiding guild to join moving into Shadowlands.

I’ve been away from WoW since prior to Nazjatar and Ny’alotha, but have been getting back into the swing of things leveling a few characters (thank you, Quarantine!). Been raiding since Vanilla on Mages, Shadow Priests, Resto Shamans, and Pally tanks. Most recently I was doing Dazar’alor (3/9M) as a Resto Shaman. Since getting my Monk leveled a few weeks ago, I’m 8/12H in Ny’alotha.

I definitely prefer healing and have multiple healing classes leveled:

  • Shaman (Resto/Ele), ilvl 410
  • Monk (Mistweaver), ilvl 460
  • Warlock (Dest/Afflic), ilvl 419

I have a Pally tank that I’m working on (just about 300 ilvl), another fully-leveled Paladin that I’ll probably spec Holy, and I’m leveling a Holy (maybe Disc?) priest and a Resto Druid (did I mention I like healing? lol).

Anyway, I really like pushing Mythic+ keys, and I take raiding pretty seriously. I like being social, hanging out in discord, etc. I’d like to find a guild that fits that. I like to have fun, but a big part of fun for me is making some measurable progress, whether that’s downing a new boss each week, or just getting a little further in the fight and not making the same mistakes over and over.

Feel free to post here or hit me up in-game. BNET: MackNJeeves#1349

What up, Absolute Horizon is looking for people like you! We are a Heroic progression, Mythic+ orientated guild with AOTC and keystone Master experience. We are a former Alliance guild who have made the switch to Horde and looking to bolster our core team. We have spots for all roles and just want fun progression oreintated players. We are planning to raid Tuesday and Thursday nights 8:30-11:30est. If you are interested in more information please contact me on Bnet at Crypticblade#1905 or on discord at Mikey#9009