[H] Mistakes Were Made 10/10 H 1/10M

10/10 N | 10/10 H |1/10M

We are a dad raiding guild with a core of raiders who have fun clearing content. We are now progressing into mythic with the goal of going as far as we can. We don’t need to be #1, and we never will be - but we will have fun as a community and friends kicking some dooker along the way.

We are in need of dps! Range and melee, all are welcome to apply :slight_smile:

WED: 8:10pm - 11:00pm EDT
THU: 8:10pm - 11:00pm EDT

Optional once the main raid is done clearing a difficulty, this will clear one difficulty down. Main Raiders, Fill-In Raiders, and Alts are all welcome. -

TUE: 8:10pm - 11:00pm EDT

Message me in game for more info! Azshane#1559