[H] <Milkshake> (CE-FOCUS) 3/10M 10/10 H needs you! T/W/TH

< Milkshake > is off the ground running! We currently are 3/10M 10/10 H with the realm’s 15th kill on Heroic Huntsman.

Created by individuals who ran CE + Hardmode progression guilds in the past with a Raid Leader with multi-CE experience. We are returning to pick it back up and carve out our name on the server.

Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 8est - 11est

We are a group of adults who have real lives outside of WoW but want to take the time we do set aside to kill pixels seriously. Offering a non-toxic or hostile environment, we do have higher expectations for individuals looking to actively participate in progression content.


  • Be raid ready. You are expected to come with all the enchants and spending the required time between raids to perfect and better your character. If you are looking to raid log, we are not the guild for you.
  • Research the fights. We will give the key points before fights but fully expect anyone on a fight roster to be already aware of the fight. We will supply the sources to research but you have to leverage them.
  • Always stay updated on your class. There are many ways to “stay in the know” for your class. Discord, websites, etc. The expectation is that you are staying up to date with changes to stay as optimal as possible.
  • Be a team player. We will have a roster over 20 and fights may dictate needing different compositions. You may sit out on progression if you do not have a class or role that can be shifted in.
  • Don’t be a jerk. We have zero tolerance for racism, sexism, or any bigoted topics. We are looking to foster a strong community that will grow and transverse games. Don’t be a jerk or we will gladly show you the door.

Still around after that? Perfect! We are looking for strong players that are looking to work as a team and push content at a swift pace.

What do we offer?

  • Progression-focused atmosphere. We are built on, by, and around pushing cutting edge content without the drama. The goal is Cutting Edge, so let’s get there having a good time.
  • We will help you prepare. We will compile the information you need to know about the encounter mechanics. We will spend the time investigating the best strategies. You just need to learn them.
  • Strong Mythic+ community. Most of the core of the guild are strong Mythic+ runners, living in the top 1-50 ranks. We have to do something between raids, right?
  • No Drama. We have a firm stance against drama. We are paying to have a good time and we plan on the guild reflecting that goal.
  • Be an integral part. You won’t be a number. The guild functions on a council and direction from the Mythic Raider team. There is full transparency, you help dictate the direction of every element of the guild.

Current Needs:
** = High Need




** Unholy DK


Healer: OPEN


** Disc Priest

All strong player should apply!


Join our Discord: discord .gg/ZdJqQhb3du

(remove the spaces)

Feel free to reach out:

  • Discord: PapaPotato#6195
  • BattleNet: Pootzz#1329
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Come to the yard!

Slots are filling fast – but we still have room for great players. :slight_smile:

Let’s get some big PUMPers up in here!

we have cookies

Our milkshake is strawberry flavored, in case you were wondering.

Need a couple of pumpers

Looking for key classes to round out the roster. Hit me up with any questions!

You know you wanna!

You’re a wizard, harry

Where da’ range DPS at?!


Shadowlands is right around the corner!

Hop in disc and see what we are abouy

Prior raiding experience outside of this tier? Let’s chat!

We have battle shout!

These guys are coo. Definitely reach out if you have any questions!

Bring me your rDPS big pumpers!

Let’s raid together. And do other stuff.

All aboard the loot train.