[H] Midnight Club - Late Night PST Guild Looking to build a Mythic Team

I run the Midnight Club cross server community that was very successful in Shadowlands doing casual content. However, I have the itch to build the Midnight Club from a community doing normal/AOTC content to building a true raid team.

The guild will reside on Tichondrius but is open to xserver players.

Personally, I did a lot of Heroic/Mythic raiding in SoO, I first ran which reached 5/14 Heroic in a matter of weeks. I graduated to Cutting Edge Top US 50 raiding by joining on Undermine/Stormreaver as their main tank.

I eventually started on Sargeras that grew into an amazing AOTC community that achieved AOTC from Warlords through BfA.

My goal isn’t to BS people. This will take time. I am looking for people in a similar situation that are looking to take their game to the next level. We are going to start slow by building a solid AOTC guild and begin slow Mythic progression. This is going to be a group that wants to learn together and build a Cutting Edge guild from scratch. If you’re looking for CE this tier, this is not the group for you.

I know this doesn’t sound great for most, but I know there are 20-25 people out there looking to join a team, work together, and build themselves and the team up together.

Raid/Play Times

Currently we are going to start 9.2 in a few weeks once we get our team together and get days set. Due to my current situation, the raid rimes will be Late Night PST, likely starting at 8 PM PST.

Recruitment for Raiding


This is no need to transfer servers atm, as we will likely begin Mythic progression when it becomes cross server.

Contact Information

Discord : Marcus#9458

BNet : Marcus#11985

Please see Twitch MarcusHavoc or Youtube MarcusHavoc for videos of our community!

Contact me soon!