[H] March on Eventide LF 2 mythic raiders!

March on Eventide recruiting 2 raiders for mythic. We raid on Tu/Th 10pm-12am. Currently, we need an Ele sham and hunter, but all ranged dps will be considered so please don’t hesitate to inquire!

Must be prepared w/personal flasks/food/pots and be reliable (being prepared and showing up for raids. We want to progress in mythic so attendance is a must!)

Starting on heroic TEP this Tues (July 9th). Requiring 50 neck level and 410+ ilvl. Feel free to add Liger#1362 on bnet, message me on discord at Liger#4437, whisper me in-game at Liger-Stormreaver (you can also send mail if i’m not online!), or reply to this thread with questions!

We look forward to adding 2 new raid members to our roster.