[H] Mankrik - Warrior DPS LF Raiding Guild

Just recently moved servers from Azuresong to Mankrik. Looking for a guild to raid with, I have very flexible hours of availability so I can make pretty much any raid time that you have. I am 11/11 Kara, 2/2 Gruul’s Lair, 1/1 Mag’theridon. I havent done any other raid yet because I am coming back to tbc and want to find a guild to call home for WoTLK raiding as well. I am semi-hardcore to casual. I wouldn’t call myself hardcore because I have no experience in any WOTLK raids or the raids past the ones I have already cleared in TBC. My bnet is Jon#11666 and my discord is Krag#8860. I will be actively looking for a guild to join so add me and message me if you are on Mankrik HORDE and need a warrior dps.