[H - Mankrik PVE] Recruiting an Evening Resto Druid!

-IPS- is currently recruiting a Resto Druid for our Evening Raid Core!

our raid days/times for this core are Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 9pm - Midnight EST (server time). invites go out at 8:30pm

Our guild was formed over 4 years ago on Vanilla Private Servers, and we have raided together the entire time since.

We are a mix of players from around the world. Our raid days/times on the private servers were weekend afternoons because that was the only time where everyone could meet worldwide.
However, when we hit Classic, we split our Raid Core into two. This lets everyone raid at times that are more ideal for them. We have an Evening Core for our NA 9-5ers; and a Daytime Core for our EU Players and 3rd Shift NA players.

We were one of the first guilds on the server to get into MC and start killing bosses, and both of our raid cores cleared 8/8 BWL the first week of it’s release. We also have a weekend PuG that raids each week and is filled with members who can’t make our weekly raid times, our alts, and some friends outside of the guild. Our weekend PuG ALSO cleared 8/8 BWL week 1.

we aren’t trying to be server first to kill anything, and we also don’t get into the whole “speed clearing” thing. we don’t require flasks or world buffs (although a large chunk of us do get them especially for DMF week) we just do our best to get our first kills on bosses as soon as we can when they are released, and then just have fun farming then and try and naturally improve our times and efficiency from week to week.

a few things we do require however, is a good knowledge of your class, and willingness to bring the proper raid consumables needed for boss encounters (protection potions, mana/health potions etc.), as well as a willingness to maintain and enchant your gear properly. we also prefer players with past raiding experience, and who are willing to play their classes to the fullest.

We look for strength of character, and a good temperament equally as much as we look for player skill level and willingness to improve.

We only have 3 rules in the guild, but we do take them very seriously. They are a main ingredient as to how we have been able to stay together for 3+ years and successfully clear game content:

  1. No Bigotry / Racism / Religion / Politics in either our in-game Guild Chat or Discord.
    We are attempting to build a team, and these topics do nothing but get people arguing.
    Also, we are a large and diverse group of people, so whenever you target a specific group and make fun of them… then odds are you are making fun of someone in our guild.
    This game is an escape for a lot of us from an often stressful real life. We do not tolerate or allow people adding to that stress by disrespecting guild members.
  2. Don’t do anything that makes our guild look bad to others on our server.
    This game takes a couple years to beat. In order to do our best we need to have a good reputation on the server. You never know when we will need help from outside the guild. We want people to respect us, and want to help us. Also as time goes on, we will be hosting more raids and events, and we want people to want to do things with us; not avoid us because they can’t trust us and think we are jerks.
  3. Don’t sell anything in Guild Chat or Discord unless it’s half off Current Market Price. If you are looking for more money than that, just use Trade Chat or the AH.
    Everyone’s definition of a “good deal” can vary widely. We don’t want guild members getting into disagreements over money, of feeling that they have been cheated in any way by another guild member. Anything that could potentially cause rifts between members on our team, we very much try to remove from the picture.

if you are interested in potentially joining our Evening Raid Core and our community, or if you have any other questions about our guild, feel free contact me via Discord at illt #3854

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