[H] Malus Nexu 8/9M BoD LF DPS

Guild & Server: Malus Nexu :Horde: Malorne/Stormscale/Fireetree/Drak’tharon/Spirestone Server Cluster
Raid Times/Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:00pm-11:00pm EST
Current Progression: 8/9M BoD 8/8M CE Uldir

Former group of hardcore raiders with a core that has been together since the release of Burning Crusade.

We want to see and progress the toughest content blizzard has to offer all while maintaining a casual atmosphere. Please keep in mind during mythic progression, raids can become pretty heated (as it does with most guilds), therefore we want to make sure that keeping a level head and being open to constructive criticism isn’t going to be an issue. Most (but not all) discussions will be held outside of raids to keep progression moving.

With that being said we don’t like our time to be wasted, our players are expected to perform at a high level, be on time for raid invites (accepting invites on calendar), come prepared with an understanding of progression fights, and have consumables (Flask and food are provided by the guild we only ask that you contribute to the bank so the guild can maintain cost)

Outside of Raiding we have a very active player base both in and out of the game, some of the things we do on our off nights include -

Multiple Mythic + groups and carries.
Weekend and off-night normals/heroics and Alt runs of current tier raids
Raid Achievement runs
Overwatch, D3, PUBG
And many other games outside of Blizzard

If you are interested in joining our group contact Colecainee-Malorne(GM) Btag: Colecaine#1970 Or Stormyrainz#1865

Requirements: 390+ ilvl , 38 Neck, prior Mythic experience and CE Prog experience.
Needs: Resto Shaman and DPS, preference pumpers. Any exceptional players are welcome to apply.


We have Cookies!

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Still looking for some ranged DPS where ya at?

DPS, preference pumpers (Spriest,Mage, Hunter). Any exceptional players are welcome to apply. Letss goooo!

Still need people where is the deeps!

to the top cause we want the deeps :slight_smile:

Still looking for RDPS

Updated now need a Resto Shaman and RDPS!

Up to the tippppyy top

still looking for people

Opening the floor up for another Melee DPS as well

Still looking! Colecainee gives cookies after the first boss haha

Still looking for more

back to the top

Hello still looking for DPS

still need a few more

Melee spots open as well add Btag: Colecaine#1970

Help us win the raid

Sub 15% Opulence pulls

Making some adjustments to the raid team will consider any Healer or DPS atm. Any exceptional players are welcome to apply.