[H] Malicious Intent recruiting! Late night raiding guild

THATS RIGHT! is currently recruiting for core raid spots in AQ40 progression, BWL, and MC! We are currently looking for Healing Priests, Resto Druids, and Mages! Were a late night raiding guild! First pull @9pm ST!

Were a friendly bunch that is looking to fill core spots. were currently progressing through AQ40 5/9. We also do MC and BWL in one night. Aq20/ZG/ony throughout the week. Were a late night raiding guild. Usually form around 9 and first pull at 9:30. if any of this interests you please shoot me a whisper in game to Xpooc. Can also add my bnet TwinkieMayne#1340

Current Raid Schedule(out of wack due to AQ progression)

Tue/Wed AQ40
ony/zg/aq20 throughout the rest of the week during resets
for and pull @ 9-9:30 ST!