[H] Maladath <Orgrimmar Maid Cafe> Social / leveling guild looking for recruits

Horde - Maladath US

Welcome to the Cafe! Orgrimmar Maid Cafe is looking for active players both new and old! We’re a small social / leveling guild that’s dedicated to helping where we can and when we can.

Looking for
Friendly players looking for a casual environment with potential for raiding in the future

Don’t be rude or start drama

IGN: Pallydaniela
Discord tag: Nugbone#0766

Come serve the Horde with Orgrimmar Maid Cafe! :grin:

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Replying for both bumping and uploading my main. I, Pallydaniela, am the General Manager of the Orgrimmar Maid Cafe! I look forward to working with you! Also, happy Thanksgiving!

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ntmcantheal had a good time running dungeons and getting gear

lol still haveing fun killing and cleaning up

Orgrimmar Maid Cafe Hosting Cupcakes and Contests at Orgrimmar Inn! Drop by for a free cupcake!

Got some cupcakes the other night, was fantastic, thanks!

Glad you had a good time at the Cafe! Tune in next time for Brownies at Dalaran! <3