H-mal’ganis <lnb> tues/thurs - 8-11 cst - 6/10m - top 100 us leadership

LnB is a reformed guild filled with veteran mythic raiders and CE leadership on (H) Mal’Ganis. We are searching for more players with a competitive mindset to roll further into SL and conquer CE achievements on a limited 6-hour raid schedule. Outside of raid nights, many of our members get involved in M+ and PvP. We aren’t just a group of players who you only see on during raid or for last-minute keys, we all enjoy this game and spending time with one another outside of our scheduled raid.

Raid Times:

Tuesday/Thursday: 8 -11 pm Central Time

Current Needs:

DPS – Hunter, Mage, Warrior, Disc Priest - Any reliable dps should apply

These are our biggest and current needs however any skilled player is welcomed as we aren’t overfilled on any particular class at this time.

What We Expect From You

  • Push your limit - We are looking for players with a mutual competitive mindset. We are all constantly looking for ways to improve our play and push ourselves to the next level and we expect the same from you.
  • Maintain high raid attendance - We only raid 6 hours a week. We get that things happen every now and then but we require near-perfect attendance to not hinder our progression.
  • Know your stuff – We aren’t here to hold your hand. Come prepared for each night with a solid understanding of each fight and what you’re expected to do.
  • Be cool - No one wants to play with someone who rages. We want calm and respectful communication when it comes to progression discussion. We expect you to be able to take criticism and analyze your play objectively. Sometimes you may have to sit based on the needs of the fight; we don’t hate you but we want to progress swiftly. It’s all about mutual respect here, at the end of the day we’re here to progress together without wasting anyone’s time.

What to Expect From Us

  • Transparency & Open Communication - This isn’t just a guild for the few in charge. We are a team and work together to achieve our goals. You can expect to see transparency in our decision making and always have open lines of communication on any topic.
  • Fair Decision Making - We’re not going to pick favourites. All decisions for fight compositions, raid plans, and loot distribution (We only loot council stuff people don’t need) will be made with logic and not emotion. Our reasoning is based on performance and what will be the most beneficial given the circumstances.
  • Honest Feedback - We will let you know if you’re consistently underperforming in a specific area and will offer advice for improvement. We’re a team and we want everyone to succeed if they are willing and capable.
  • High level of preparation - We will put in the work to research and plan to best maximize our limited time together just as we expect you to do. A high level of involvement for fight planning benefits us so that when we step into the room we know exactly what to do. You won’t log off after a night of progression thinking to yourself “These guys don’t know what they are doing”.

If you are interested in applying to our team or would like any additional information, add one of our officers on bnet.