[H] <Lunácy> |10/12m|LF Warlock/Mage/Hunter/DK/Warr|TUES/THURS 9:15-12:15 EST

[Horde] Lunácy-Thrall is a guild of adult players, many of whom have played since Vanilla or BC. We have jobs, responsibilities and obligations like anyone else; but we still try to push mythic content, do Mythic Pluses, and complete achievements. Lunácy tries to make the most of the limited time we raid, and we push to clear mythic content at a competitive pace.

What we expect:
-Punctuality (95% raid attendance. Post in Discord if you must be absent.)
-Strong knowledge of your class and a mindset to always try and improve.
-Be able to take criticism. Be low stress and easy going just as we are!
-Be a team player. Voice your opinions.
-Actively be working on your character outside of raid.


  • Nyalotha 10/12m
  • The Eternal Palace: 8/8H, 5/8M
  • Battle of Dazar’alor: 9/9H, 6/9M
  • Uldir: 8/8H, 6/8M


  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:15pm – 12:15am EST

Contact info:

If you are interested in becoming a valued member to our raid team message me at

  • (Battlenet) Doublediesel#1362
  • Monev#1781
  • Zenedar#1417
  • (Discord) Ey#9300

We look forward to hearing from you!

We love doing mythic plus and raiding. Come and play with us. Most core members of the guild are 1500io and groups are always running.

Looking for a solid Mage/DH/Shadow priest To round out our core for 8.3!

Not the worst group of people. :slight_smile:

High need for Mage/Hunter/Boomie/Spriest!!

Bumpy bump

We want you mages!

Happy Holidays!

DK/Fury war/ any ranged <3


Come trial Thursday!

BUMP :slight_smile:

Still need a Warrior/Hunter/boomie/ any solid dps

High Demand for a Warlock/mage/hunter and Warrior/dk


LF Warlock Ele Warrior and Mage <3

Need solid ranged dps and a dk/ warrior dps! will send nudes

Bump still needing strong range to finish out this xpac!!