[H] <Lost in the Folds> is recruiting!

Hi friends!

Here at Lost in the Folds you will find a healthy mix of players.
We have wannabes, has-beens, and everything in between! If you’re returning to the game after a couple of years of disappointment, you’re more than welcome here. Any and all experience levels have a home somewhere in the “folds”.
We will be actively raiding come first tier in Shadowlands.
For those interested, below is some useful information:

We’re currently seeking a full-time Tank and many Ranged DPS.
Our raid times will be: 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM EST on both Fridays and Saturdays!

If any of this peaks your adventurous soul, come seek us out on our discord server or find me on Battle.net!


Wow i really joined these guys , they are awesome and provide the best experience ive had in WORLD OF WARCRAFT RETAIL (#Sponsored Comment)

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I was so lost before I joined LOST IN THE FOLDS. Now I’m just LOST IN THE FOLDS, this is such an improvement I might explode with happiness!

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Good experienced raiders to complain with when they make covenants into garrisons.

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arguably best comment. don’t tell jesus